Your wedding is a special day you want to treasure and remember for a long time to come. Having a magician at your wedding is a wonderful touch. Not only will he make your day more special, more memorable and let's face it, more magical, but he's also a wonderful ice breaker, giving your guests a shared magical experience they can talk about, bringing them together and creating a talking point for guests of all ages who might not know each other.

To see a real magician performing magic tricks right up close and even in their own hands is an amazing and mind boggling experience that you and your guests will be talking about for a long time to come.

"Wow! You were incredible. Everyone's been talking about you. Thank you so much for being part of our wedding day."
Katherine Howell (Bride, Gloucester)

Allin Kempthorne is a talented, friendly and relaxed magician who uses a lot of warm humour in his act and is great entertainment for all ages from children to grandparents. He's been performing close up magic at weddings and other events for many years and you might even recognise him from his many appearances on TV.

"We've received many comments about how skillful and entertaining you were. It was clear to us watching our guests faces, both young and old, that they were mesmerised by your magic."
Chris Powell (Groom, Basingstoke)


There are several times throughout a wedding day when you could choose to have magician Allin Kempthorne entertain your guests:

During the photographs

The official wedding photos are an important part of the day. But it's a lengthy process that may take well over an hour when most of your guests are just left hanging around waiting and horror of horrors, getting bored! This is an ideal time to ask Allin Kempthorne to keep your guests entertained with close up magic.

At the reception

So everyone's arriving, the wine hasn't really started flowing yet and people are standing around awkwardly as they don't really know many people there.
Can you imagine a better time for an ice breaker like Allin Kempthorne, a skilled and entertaining magician moving from group to group, causing fun and mystery amongst all your friends, family and assorted guests, welcoming everybody in a warm, friendly and intriguing way and giving all your guests something wonderful to talk about.
Allin will keep your granny charmed, your drunk uncle out of trouble, any children enthralled and your friends impressed!

During the meal

Meals at weddings can be slow affairs while everyone waits ages for the waiting staff to clear the plates and bring the next course. That's fine if you're with a bunch of your mates, but if you're stuck on a table with a few quiet people you hardly know it can feel like an ordeal. We've all been there, right?
That's why many people choose to hire Allin to perform his magic going table to table between the courses, amazing people, breaking the ice and bringing them a shared sense of wonder and something amazing to talk about.

"That was absolutely wonderful!
Judge on Britain's Got Talent

Allin Kempthorne is a very popular magician performing at Weddings throughout a large area of Southern England and Wales.
He's not overpriced either (unlike many wedding suppliers) so do you have the date? Do you have the venue? Then email Allin Kempthorne now and get him booked to make your wedding a truly magical day.

Not that he wants to show off or anything,
but Allin Kempthorne has the following awards and memberships:

Member of the International Magicians Society
Tap Water Award for New Comedy
WINNER: Britain's Fastest Balloon Modeller
FINALIST: International Street performer of the Year
Member of the International Jugglers Association
National Association of Street Entertainers
Member of Equity
Member of Spotlight