Are you ready for some Strange Magic ?
Good! Let's meet Professor Strange!

A strikingly unique character entertainer Professor Strange performs a lively and original family magic show for holiday parks, festivals and high-end family and children's events, bursting with energy, style and his hallmark Strange Magic that's truly getting noticed around the UK entertainment scene.

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A Member of The Magic Circle.
As featured on Britain's Got Talent.
Finalist: UK Family Entertainer of the Year Award.
Finalist: Magic Circle Children's Entertainer of the Year Award.

This page is for Professor Strange's stage show.

Professor Strange: The Strange Magic Show

Professor Strange's "Strange Magic Show" mixes magic, circus skills, audience interaction and comedy showmanship to present a high-energy and grippingly original family magic show.

Drawing heavily from colourful Victorian imagery, vaudeville, steampunk and carnival sideshows and incorporating lively music throughout his routines, Professor Strange weaves a strange world of magic and fantasy that makes for a hugely original and energetically entertaining show for family audiences.

As seen on Britain's Got Talent and at the Family Entertainer of The Year Awards, the Professor Strange show is fast, furious and funny. You'll witness the strange and the impossible, the comical and the bizarre in a rib-tickling and jaw-dropping magic show for the whole family.

With Professor Strange on the stage there's only one thing you can expect: That you'll never have experienced a magic show quite like this before!

See more videos of Professor Strange here.


Show length:
Flexible. Shows can be 30 mins, 45 mins or 1 hour.
Variety spots from 5 mins upwards also available.

Tech support:
For holiday park shows and full time entertainment venues 2 x audio inputs are required for microphone and for music. For exterior shows or shows in temporary spaces the Professor Strange Show can supply our own portable sound system and work completely self contained.

Space required:
Flexible. In entertainment venues the Professor Strange Show can work in front of tabs or band equipment. In temporary spaces such as shopping centres, street shows, festival fields and bandstands the Professor Strange Show works in almost any space, indoors or out, on hard floor, carpet, tarmac or grass.

Outdoor Spaces:
A mobile version of the show is also available for outdoor spaces. See PROFESSOR STRANGE AND HIS STRANGE TRICYCLE below.

Also Available:
Professor Strange and his Strange Tricycle

A wonderfully unique, colourful and eye-catching way to bring the exciting comedy magic of Professor Strange to any festival or large open air event.

The lively magician Professor Strange (as featured on Britain's Got Talent) rides around your festival or attraction on his colourful tricycle equipped with full sound system, stopping wherever people may be to perform his amazing comedy magic.

Ideal for quick magic tricks to cover a very large area, or to cycle into a town square or performance area and perform a full 45 minute completely self-contained magic show.

Click HERE for Details and Videos.

Allin Kempthorne

The colourful and quirky Professor Strange is performed by well established magician and character actor Allin Kempthorne. Allin has been performing as a magician, juggler and actor for 30 years with many television appearances to his name and long residencies at theme parks, holiday parks, tourist attractions, onboard ships and at the Royal Parks of London.

Trained in the circus arts at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, acting at The Method Studio, plus in the magical arts at Jeff McBride's Magic and Mystery School, Allin has honed his talents to become a skilled, charismatic and fully professional performer. Learn more about Allin Kempthorne here.

Professor Strange has delighted audiences at:

Professor Strange is based in the South of the UK and travels widely to perform at events wherever they may be.


Steampunk magician Professor Strange as performed by Allin Kempthorne

To book Professor Strange or to request further details email Allin Kempthorne at

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