Professor Strange and his Strange Tricycle

A wonderfully unique, colourful and eye-catching way to bring the lively comedy magic of Professor Strange to any festival, carnival, town square or open air event.

The lively and quirky Victorian magician Professor Strange (as featured on Britain's Got Talent and finalist in the UK Family Entertainer of the Year) rides around your festival or attraction on his colourful tricycle equipped with full sound system, stopping wherever people may be to perform his amazing comedy magic.

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This page is for Professor Strange and his Strange Tricycle.
Click HERE if you're looking for Professor Strange's STAGE SHOW.

On his large and colourful Strange Tricycle Professor Strange can cover a LOT of ground! With quirky Victorian-style music playing from his Tricycle's inbuilt sound system and his loud and cheerful exuberance this is a feel-good ridearound act that immediately grabs the attention as he cycles around, stopping at groups of people to amaze them with his comedy and magic trickery.

Professor Strange's Strange Tricycle is also available for a complete 30 or 45 minute family magic show. Cycling into any space he is completely self-contained with his own built-in microphone, music and sound system and able to launch immediately into a full comedy magic show full of laughs, surprises, audience interaction and his hallmark Strange Magic.

A quirky and lively performer for Festivals, Town Centre events, Field Events, Carnivals, Theme Parks or any event with large open spaces.

Professor Strange is based in the South of the UK and travels widely to events across the country.

As featured on Britain's Got Talent.
A Member of The Magic Circle.
Finalist: UK Family Entertainer of the Year Award.
Finalist: The Magic Circle Children's Entertainer of the Year Award.

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Full Stage Show also available:

Professor Strange: The Strange Magic Show

For Festival stages, holiday parks and other stages Professor Strange is also available with his larger show, Professor Strange: The Strange Magic Show.

Professor Strange's "Strange Magic Show" mixes magic, circus skills, audience interaction and comedy showmanship to present a lively and grippingly original family magic show.

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Victorian Steampunk magician Professor Strange ridaround act on trike cycle